Blåkullalajv is a larp community, connected to Sweden’s National Association of Gamers: Sverok, that has been around since 2016. Originally this community started off as one small group of parents and children playing live roleplaying together. First off Blåkullalajv’s name was Larp family Vivamus Vitae. Just as this group decided to have their first Harry Potter-inspired live roleplay event, Mirabilis Fältstudiekurs (and after that Kyndelsmarknaden i Lykttändargränd), this community decided to have more of these magical live roleplays since the group already had a magical school: Blåkulla Magical School. When the yearly meeting in 2017 took place in the community, they therefore, decided to change their name to Blåkullalajv.

The Blåkullalajv community hosts larp events in our own magical universe inspired by the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. Together we have created a rich and game-promoting world centered around Blåkulla Magical School, located in Torup. However both Malmö and Lund as well as all of Scania are also a part of our magical universe! Would you like to explore what it would be like to live as either a witch, wizard or wix in the secret cracks of the mundane’s world? Then, Blåkullalajv is for you!

Our community has a few yearly larp events over the course of a year but also has meetups where we make masks, costumes, props and develop our characters even further! Of course, we also get to know each other better with each meetup.

We are open for every individual no matter their age, although children should be accompanied by an adult.